Sandy Hook

This morning was the usual chaos of getting the boys off to school. When Michael gets on that bus with his backpack stuffed full of snow pants, homework and lunch and after I put Patrick’s swim bag in the bin, sign him in and make sure his shoes are on the right feet, I usually breathe a sigh of relief. They are at school. They are learning what they need to learn. They are playing with friends and practicing social skills. They will smile when they find the chocolate chip I put in their lunch boxes. They will sing songs and recite poems about snow. They are happy. They love school.

Today there was no sigh of relief. Today I just wanted to keep them close. Today I was willing to put up with the fighting over toys, Patrick’s need of an hourly sandwich (That kid will be as tall as his dad by 5th grade – place your bets now) and Michael’s unending questions about things that I don’t know the answer. Today I felt like I needed to see them to know they were safe.

My heart goes out to the community of Newtown.  What happened in Sandy Hook is horrific.

This song is a song that Tim and I sang with the Jamestown College Concert Choir years ago. This version is sang by the composer himself. It is a beautiful song.

I will continue to watch the news coverage and continue to pray for that community, especially the families of the victims, but when I leave to pick up Patrick from school the news will be turned off. When we get home I will make him a sandwich and sit with him while he eats it and tells me about his day through sticky bites of peanut butter. When Michael gets off the bus  I will turn the tv back on and play Mario Brothers with him until we beat the castle. I am blessed.

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