Between traditions and leftovers

Traditions are taken seriously in our family, mostly because Beth and I (Beth way more than me) insist on it.  Leftovers are just as much a tradition as singing for gifts. It is my Mom’s reward for cooking two big meals within 36 hours that she doesn’t have to cook the rest of Christmas vacation. If you think Chinese food is the best leftover/reheated food you have obviously never microwaved plates of our Christmas dinner leftovers. Yum.

Our traditions, and our gorging, take up a lot of time but we always manage a bit of down time too. Down time in our family isn’t really a relaxing thing. Downtime is playing outside, and this year we added some intense rounds of Super Mario Brothers.

Be patient with me over the next few weeks months. I am in love with my new Canon Rebel t4i and I am taking a ridiculous amount of photos every day. I am getting better, but it is a slow process. If photos seem oddly focused or the composition is strange, it is just me playing with my camera.

There couldn’t be a more Michael expression than this. This face tells me that Michael is really concerned that whatever he is telling me, he doesn’t think that I will be able to comprehend his level of genius. I can keep up with him now, in a few years I will not be able to say that so confidently.

The cabin is under construction right now so in lieu of a four-wheeler Papa and Daddy had to pull the tube. The kids had a blast even with the lower horsepower.

Because Elise was sick she didn’t get a whole lot of play time outside. What she missed in snow she made up for in books. I bet she had over 75 books read to her over the course of the 6 days we spent in Minot.

Sometimes the dinner prep cut into play time but Auntie Buff made juicing key limes a game that Elise probably won’t remember but Beth will not soon forget.

The obligatory lime pucker pic.

More posts soon and possibly a video of Tim sling-shotting the boys around the corner in the tube. For now, here are loads more photos.

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