If the fates allow

“Through the years we all will be together. If the fates allow…. Have yourself a merry little Christmas now.”

The fates were not on our side this year.

I mentioned that Elise was sick over Christmas Eve (here) and Christmas day (here). She had a fever that couldn’t be broke by Tylenol and cold baths. She wasn’t sleeping and wasn’t eating. This went on for 4 days. Yesterday (Friday), the day we were suppose to head to Grand Forks for the Shannon Christmas, my Mom and I took her to the walk in clinic before hitting the road. It ends up her high temperature, cough, lack of appetite, congestion and runny nose were all symptoms of Influenza A. My poor baby girl was sicker than we realized. She is so strong.

When the clinic confirmed that she tested positive for the flu we knew we couldn’t take her to the Shannon’s. It was quite the let down for all of us but we knew it was the right thing to do. The boys were surprisingly mature about it though they were the sad about missing out on playing with their cousins.

It was a long nine-hour ride home. Elise was very uncomfortable the whole ride. We got in around 10 pm and the kids went straight to bed. Elise slept the best she had in days. What is it about sleeping in your own bed? This morning her fever broke for the first time. There still isn’t even a glimmer of a twinkle in her eyes but I think she is on the road to recovery. The boys however are claiming to be sick. They both look a little pale but neither have a fever, yet. We don’t know if they are “playing sick” because it is unpacking, cleaning and getting everything organized day or if they have caught what Elise has. I hope they are being reluctant helpers and are not sick.


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