TGIF Movie Night

The kids and I had so much fun we might have to make this a weekly thing. I got to play with my camera and practice shooting in low lighting and the kids got to eat finger food on the living room floor while watching a movie.

Can you name that movie in one still?

How about two stills?

If you can’t name the movie by now you were not a kid in the nineties!

Elise doesn’t sit through a whole movie yet. She did better than I thought she would but the minute I sat down in the blue recliner you see above and started playing with camera settings she forgot that she was suppose to be eating and climbed up in my lap. She has watched her brothers play a lot of tablet games lately and now she wants in on the fun. She has taken the boys’ Leapsters as her own and loves to sit next to them and “play video game” like her big brothers.


Michael was eager to give Elise some pointers.

Lucy has a love hate relationship with movie nights or any time we eat away from the table. She is a good dog and knows her place. That food sat in front of her throughout the entire movie. She never made a grab for it and the kids were up and moving around quite a bit. The entire time Elise was on my lap her plate of food sat unattended and Lucy laid next to it waiting for the go ahead. She never got the go ahead though because when you have a thyroid condition and are 20 lbs overweight you don’t get to eat things like cheese and popcorn. Poor Lucy.

I am braving other settings on the camera beyond auto and the pre-sets (night time, sports, portrait ect.) and the more I learn the more I love. There are so many great free online resources for any level of photographer. I love the internets! Tim can’t wrap his head around the fact that I do not comprehend instruction manuals very well. His brain soaks up text in a way that astounds me. I need photos, diagrams and best yet,  videos. I have found this guy to be an invaluable resource. This video on apertures I found particularly helpful.

I have a feeling I will be “staging” more and more of these events so I can practice with my camera in new and different settings. Don’t feel to bad for the kids. They won’t all be forced family portraits shots.  The next thing I want to take on is white balance and there is no better way to learn white balance than trying to capture a good photo in broad day light in snowy Minnesota. Looks like Michael will get to break in his new snow pants this weekend!

a few more photos here.

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