Crocodile Creek and Smart Planet Eco Lunch Box

It is like these two are made for each other. I love these products and so do the kids. Even Tim has a Smart Planet Eco Lunch Box and he loves his. Tim’s has been used daily for over a year now and it still looks as new as the boys’ who just got theirs for Christmas. Tim’s favorite part is that his cottage cheese has its own compartment. Each compartment is sealed separately so there is no leakage. Heaven forbid Tim’s turkey sandwich gets soggy from his cottage cheese!

Tim has the green Eco Lunch Box. Michael’s is orange and Patrick’s is blue. I will be buying a pink one for Elise for preschool next year. Maybe I should even buy myself one… We use them on road trips because they collapse down. I wonder what color I should have?!

I would bet good money that if there is a princess Crocodile Creek lunch box Elise will choose it come school shopping time. The boys are half way through their second school year of using their Crocodile Creek lunch boxes and I am sure they will still be using them next year. They wash up great, are super durable, and are so cute. My kids’ are not fine motor masters so zippers have to be tough to stand up to their daily abuse use. These have some seriously strong zippers. Well worth the cost.


What can I say… I am a SAHM. Cute lunch boxes that stand up to my kids clumsy fingers and Tim’s mass amounts of cottage cheese make me happy. And now that all three of my lunch packers have their own lunch box system that works great… I get to purge my Tupperware cabinet of all excess lunch containers.

3 thoughts on “Crocodile Creek and Smart Planet Eco Lunch Box

  1. Tim

    More like I used mine for a week before Meg stole it for use with the boys lunches. I only recently got the privilege of using my own when the boys got theirs.

  2. Christine

    I agree with Tim. A cottage cheese-soggy sandwich would be pretty gross. I can’t even think about it, really, without vomiting in my mouth a little.

  3. meg

    Ha! Christine you are 9 months pregnant, anything but getting that baby out of your belly is going to make you sick!

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