Monday with Elise

For Christmas Elise got 2 Barbie Chelsea swimming dolls and yesterday, when the boys got to pick out toys for filling up their chore sticker charts, Elise got to pick out a toy too. She didn’t fill up a sticker chart but she is in the middle of potty training and if it takes $6.99 toy to bribe her to sit on the potty then I am going to spend $6.99. (side note: potty training this little girl is SO SO SO much easier than potty training her big brothers.)

Here is how she plays with her three swimmer Chelsea Dolls. An inch of water in a big tupperware makes an instant Barbie pool.

Water + Dolls = Fun

Parenting tip: place the “pool” over the dirtiest part on your floor and the splashed water will start to dissolve some of the stickier (yogurt and jam) spills on the floor. #twofer #parentingwin

And here are a few more of my sweet baby girl. She was cooperating with me so I took advantage and played photographer.

What did I learn in the above photo? I don’t need the flash on at 1:30pm in our living room if she is willing to hold semi still. Also, always be sure that socks and Storm Trooper masks are out of the frame. Full disclosure: Those socks were the cleans ones I gave Michael to put on for school this morning. He wanted to continue wearing his socks that he wore all day yesterday and through the night. I was too tired to fight him so I let him win and wear dirty socks to school. You gotta pick your battles people. Day old socks don’t make the cut in this house!

I fixed the pillows and threw the socks and mask out of frame and captured a few more photos but in the end I like the photo above best because her smile and the angle of her body. No, I did not pose her leaning like that. She will be a natural come Senior picture time 😉

Another lesson learned? Even if the naked princess doll doesn’t go with the photo you had envisioned in your head, let her have the doll. Holding the doll made her smile and someday she can look back on these photos and I can tell her about how she used to drag that naked doll around by the braid and swing it in the air while she twirled in circles pretending to be a princess.


a few more of Elise here.

Remember when PJ first wore this sweater back in 2009 when I was trying to take a photo of the boys for a Holiday Card? He didn’t look near as sweet as Elise does.

4 thoughts on “Monday with Elise

  1. Steve

    Excellent photos of Elise. Patrick really didn’t want to wear that sweater or was something else happening that day.

  2. Jess

    I’m sure you could mass market that photocard of Patrick and make a fortune. It captures exactly how I feel about the holidays by Christmas, and I’m sure I”m not alone.

  3. meg

    Ha! I hear you Jess. Holidays are exhausting and van make you quite bitter if you don’t find the perfect balance of chocolate and wine…. Or is that just everyday?!

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