School Age

Yesterday I got a packet in the mail for kindergarten registration for Patrick. Today I started to fill out Elise’s preschool application forms. In 8.5 months Patrick will start kindergarten, Elise will start preschool and Michael will be a first grader. Can you believe it? We will have three school age kids.

When did this happen? Wasn’t I just filling out Michael’s Preschool applications?

I visited with Patrick’s teacher a bit today about what areas we should be working on with Patrick so he is prepared for Kindergarten in the fall. She says he will be ready and he will do fine, he just has some more maturing do to over the next few months. I had to laugh at that because I know it is true but it still seems a little silly to hear that a kid isn’t mature enough for Kindergarten. When I was in Kindergarten it was all about coloring and singing songs. Michael is half way through his kindergarten year and he is writing sentences and reading books.

Patrick’s teacher also told me not to stress too much about the academics. She said letters and numbers will come and that it is the social and emotional part that really needs to be ready for Kindergarten. Kids are expected to sit much longer, follow stricter rules and be respectful all while learning their abcs AND learning how to make a friend and be a friend. That would take a toll on any 5 or 6 year old.

Michael will be ready for 1st grade no problem. Elise needs to be potty trained and be willing to be separated from me for 5 hours straight. I have a feeling the latter will be the challenging part for her. So, here we are in January and already I am gearing up for fall and the crazy that our new normal will be.

School age kids… uffda. There were times I thought we wouldn’t make it to this point and here we almost are. I have 8 months to potty train and prepare Elise for separation issues, help Patrick mature (anyone have any tips on that?!) and buy Michael a new backpack because I promised him a new one when he started 1st grade at the beginning of Kindergarten when the one I bought him wasn’t up to his standards.


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