Happy Birthday Tim!

We have been so blessed. Our family is healthy and happy. We have everything we need and we want for little (unless you count the new kitchen I dream about every time I do dishes!)

This year Tim and I both turn 30. Ack! In an effort to give back (and help me bury my head in the sand trap of denial) we are asking that in lieu of gifts this year you help us pay it forward and donate to Charity Water.

Why Charity Water?

Not only does it donate 100% of money raised to an amazing cause (giving it a top rating on Charity Navigator) but Charity Water also is completely transparent and eager to share its progress. You can watch videos here. I am warning you though… The videos are a rabbit hole of joy. Once you start watching you can’t stop.

There are so many more reasons that I could ramble on about but isn’t it more fun to watch a video?

Tim’s birthday is just around the corner (Feb 1st) so I apologize for springing this on everyone so late notice but if you are anything like me, you haven’t bought a gift yet anyway!

Well that’s not completely true. I just finished setting up our Charity Water fundraiser site and am excited to say I donated the first $30 to our campaign. $30 for 30 years!

Happy Birthday Tim! I love you.

You can donate to our 30th Birthday Campaign here. It truly is the best way you could help us celebrate turning 30!
Thank you!

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