Playing Nice

Tuesday mornings after I work out PJ, Elise and I go to the open gym the Y hosts for 5 and unders.
It is a great way to kill time and burn off any of their remaining energy before lunch and nap/quiet time.

This morning started off great and Patrick’s good mood carried on through Kids Stuff (the Y drop in day care) all the way up to open gym time. Patrick’s good moods can be fleeting so the fact that his smiles lasted all morning had me equally excited and nervous. Was I tempting fate by taking him into a gym full of toddlers where he would have to give the youngins first choice of the good toys and activities? Could his good mood last through the patience required to play with a room full of Elises?

It did!

He was kind and patient and even looked out for a little one who stepped into on-coming scooter traffic. I was so proud.

Not only was he kind to other kids, he was sweet with Elise! If you ever spend an afternoon with my kids you know that Michael is the glue that holds the three together. Michael acts as a brotherly Switzerland while the other two battle it out over duplos.


Patrick even indulged Elise when she wanted a turn pulling the scooter train.


I knew I had to hurry home and write this post before the spell was broken but it has been 3 hours and he is still cheery.


Now that I write this out I am beginning.g to wonder if I should be checking for signs of some sort alien body snatcher invasion. Has my beloved sensitive, dramatic, pain in the ass, middle child been replaced by some pod kid?

Seriously, who took my Patrick?

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