Christmas with the Shannons… finally!

We already exchanged gifts but because a certain Princess was sick with Influenza A we never got to actually spend time with the Shannons so that is what we did… two weekends ago.

I usually dump, edit and upload pics the day we get home from family weekends because I am excited to see how the photos look on my computer screen. That didn’t happen this last time because Mother Nature had a different plan. We tried to beat the blizzard home, and all I have to show for our efforts are 5 new swimsuits and a hotel bill. Needless to say, by the time we made it home (30 hours after leaving Grand Forks) posting and uploading pics was the last thing on my mind.

Remind me of our blizzard induced mini vacation next time I say, “Sure! Let’s go visit family.” in the middle of winter.

The weather was great while we were in Grand Forks which is odd since it is quite possibly the coldest place on earth. Don’t believe me? Ask anyone who has ever gone to UND or bundled up to make it to the 10:15am church service at St. Paul’s. It is COLD in Grand Forks but the temps warmed to a balmy 30 degrees long enough to get a couple hours of sledding in for the big kids. The little ones didn’t last more than 30 minutes. In fact more time was spent  getting them dressed in their gear and walking them across the street to the dike than the actual time the little ones spent on the hill.

Look at that cousin team work. Keeping things honest I just have to say… Zeke is a horrible sled carrier! That kid couldn’t move the sled more than a foot uphill without calling for help.

Maybe Zeke should have looked to big cousin Patrick for some creative problem solving solutions!

The boys were eager to show their cousins, aunts, uncles… anyone who would listen and watch their newest love.

You would think Tim was the one home all day raising these kids. The boys love their tablets so much. My new mantra and what I recite to myself a hundred times a day is, “It is good for their fine motor skills… Fine motor skills… fine motor skills…”

more later when the wiggling one on my lap is asleep and I don’t have to reach around her and her dolls, crayons and paper (because babies want to color too) to reach the keys.

2 thoughts on “Christmas with the Shannons… finally!

  1. Jess

    I love that Elise has officially become Princess. You know I’m already planning your family’s first trip to Walt Disney World, right? So many ideas! Toss in the Fiebers and us and you’d have a Grand Gathering. But I think a beach house is calling for a grown up group trip first…

  2. Meg

    Beach house grown up trip sounds perfect. How about this time next year? February always seems to be the month that I start to hate winter. 🙂

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