Two Down

Yesterday Michael came home from school and when I asked him how his day was he game me a thumbs up. I was immediately suspicious because my boy always has at least a one minute monologue to share with me about how his day went. I followed him around as he put his winter gear in the basket, put his lunch box on the counter and hung up his back pack. By the time he was hanging up his back pack he was dancing with excitement, but still speechless. Then he turned around and exclaimed, “I couldn’t finish my apple today? You want to know why? Guess why Mom! (before I could begin to guess) MY TOOTH FELL OUT WHEN I CRUNCHED!” and then he gave me the biggest smile and proceeded to perform the rest of his monologue. I will spare you all the test because the boy can talk in circles, but he had the tooth, dropped it in the hall on the carpet on the way to the school nurse, told the nurse, nurse gave him water and an envelope and told him to find the tooth and he went back to the carpeted area and found the tooth.

Thank goodness Tim picked up a few of the golden dollars at the bank last week. It has been a busy week for the Tooth Fairy.

first tooth lost

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