Wallpaper Problems Continued… with no end in sight

I was all ready to write a post about how this wallpaper problem of mine wasn’t as bad as I thought because (quoting Michael) “Best News Ever!”  It is just a wallpaper border! I was in high spirits when I gathered up all my supplies and set to peeling off the paper.

The vinegar and boiling water made for fast work and I was surprised at how big the pieces were that were peeling off. I took great pride in any piece that was over 6 inches. DIY geek? Probably, but I have not had a greater sense of accomplishment lately than discovering my master wallpaper peeling skills.

It didn’t take long for my mood to swing from excited about my quick progress to angry at the cheap bank who put quick  permanent fix bandaid over a relatively easy problem.

Instead of the painters peeling off the border and painting, the painters thickly spackled over the bottom and corner seams of the wall paper border (which I can now say was a primary colored race car theme) and then painted over the spackle. Now the wall paper is peeling at the top seams down to the very crude spackle line which you can see in this pic from yesterdays post. I thought it was a bubble and peel issue, ends up it is a bad spackle job.

Here are the layers we now have to contend with:

Here is the progress I made in little less than an hour. Most of that time Elise sat next to me and we chatted. We could have worked like that  for a much longer time, but then she started chanting “I hungry. Snack time now?” So that is as far as I have made it this morning. Disheartening? Yes.

you can see in the photo below where the border ends. The bottom 4 or so inches of border are covered in spackle. Everything above the line of spackle pulls off so easy with the vinegar.

So now I am left with another set of options. Try and scrap the spackle off the walls with out damaging them OR try and spackle over the bad spackling job.




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