This March about done me in. I don’t know if I have SAD or some version of something similar but let me tell you what… nothing has made me happier in the past 3 months than seeing the snow slowly melt away this past week. This was a long winter. I have never been more ready for spring than I am right at this minute.

As the snow melts my mind starts to spin. Our yard looks horrible. Almost all of the grass died last year in the drought and the sections of lawn that were not a depressing brown were covered in crab grass and weeds. I can’t wait to tear into the lawn. I want to reseed what needs seeding. I want to expand the garden so I can grow some more viney veggies with out sacrifices precious tomato plant square footage. Tim and I want to build a big sand box under the deck for the kids.

I have never been so excited to scoop poop. I want the rest of the snow to melt so I can start working in the yard.

Last fall we did some major bush whacking and I don’t know if that lilac bush will come back or not. Either way I am excited to nurse it back to life or dig it out and plant something else.

I am excited again. It has been to long since I have been excited about something. The boys room makeover has been fun but nothing beat getting outside and digging in the dirt.

Is it the longer days and the warm sun that have made my mood brighter and lighter? Probably. Tim teases me and calls me Wall.e because I don’t function with out a few uv rays to start my day.

I can’t be the only one. I feel like everyone is smiling more.

Life is getting good again.

Thank God for Spring.

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