Kids are funny.

Maybe it is because it’s Spring now and I can see the brighter side of things but I am pretty sure my kids have been hit with the funny stick.

It has been a while since I have found their one liners to be amusing, let alone laugh out loud funny.

Here are a few that have left me smiling long after the words were spoken.

Tim relayed this one to me.

While fixing Patrick’s toy that he broke Patrick asked, “Not duct tape Dad. Can you use window tape instead?”

Don’t get it? This morning Patrick asked me to use window tape to fix Elise’s picture that was tore up.

Get it now?

Window tape=scotch tape. Something tells me that Patrick’s Papa who sells office supplies for a living would get a kick out of that one.

Another Patrick quote. His best quotes always happen during the 10 minute car ride to or from school.

“Mom I wish there wasn’t a moon.”

“Why is that Patrick?”

“Because then I would never have to sleep.”

Elise’s favorite thing to do right now while we are in the potty training trenches is to talk about everyone that sits on a potty and pees. It really isn’t that funny until she starts the list at Target and slowly crescendos as she gets more and more excited about everyone she knows who sits on the potty.






Baby Jackson? No Baby Jackson wears diaper.

Then she laughs at her joke about babies sitting on the potty like it is the funniest thing ever.

side note: My BFF Christine recently had a baby. The delivery of Jax couldn’t have been better timed for Elise’s potty training. We talk about Baby Jax wearing a diaper all the time. Little babies wear diapers not big girls like Gracie (Jax’s big sister and Elise’s BFF) and Elise! So thank you Christine and Joe for thinking of us while family planning 🙂

Michael is always saying funny things but he usually doesn’t mean them to be funny. His logical thought process amazes me everyday. He is going to be so smart about so many things and yet…. Well. He will have Patrick help him out with everything else. I imagine one of those scenes where Michael is wearing a hidden ear piece while talking to a girl as PJ hides in the bushes a few yards away whispering all his Casanova tricks to Michael. Of course in exchange for PJ helping Michael with the ladies, Michael will help Patrick with the pile of homework he is behind on that is hiding in the bottom of his messy sock t-shirt drawer.

Of course, as I sit down and write all this out all the funny one liners and conversations escape me. I will have to share more as they happen because these are the moments I don’t want to forget. I love this blog because I will never forget about how PJ called scotch tape “window tape” and how Michael thought he had allergies.



3 thoughts on “Kids are funny.

  1. Christine Fieber

    Gracie: “Daddy, I’m so proud of you!”
    Joe : “You are learning a lot of things, little girl. I think that you have a lot of them confused.”
    Gracie: ” Yes, I do.” 🙂

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