Ana White knows my name!

Well maybe she doesn’t know my name per say but she knows I am a fan and that we build projects from her plans. I really should have an ongoing list of all the projects we have built from her site. I know we are easily in the double digits now. I am basking in my 15 seconds of modern-day social media fame. Don’t believe me that I am kinda famous (at least until Ana posts another brag post and my photo is no longer the top story)

Check out this screen shot I took tonight at 9:30pm.

After a day with a sick Michael, Elise not making it to the potty in time on multiple occasions and Patrick throwing the mother of all tantrums at swim lessons I needed something to smile about. #winning

Want to build something cool? Check out

2 thoughts on “Ana White knows my name!

  1. Steve

    Congratulations! What will you do with your fame now? Does this mean Tim will be working on more projects? Also I can’t stop staring at that little girl holding a drill to Ana’s face. I want to say run away!

  2. Megan Post author

    Of course this means we will be working on more projects and Tim is so very happy about that. 😉

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