One for the records

I took this pic this morning while Michael was waiting for the bus.

If the Twin Cities gets 2 more inches of snow it will break all sorts snow fall records. Duluth broke the most snowfall in any month today (previous month to hold that record was November and that was in the 90s). Now they are predicting that the temps will reach 70 by the weekend. When we arrived at swim lessons yesterday day it was raining. When we left swim lessons and hour and 15 minutes later my car was covered in snow and it was raining and snowing at the same time. This weather is inducing more mood swings than the final month of pregnancy. Elise has worn both ballet flats and snow boots outside within the same 24 hours. This morning Michael was in full snow gear waiting for the bus, and this afternoon I could see grass over most of our lawn and Patrick was wearing a hooded sweatshirt as a coat.

It’s not even fun to wear my new Sorel boots any more.


If I make it out of this winter without being committed it will be a miracle.

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