Name that Scream

Yesterday, both the boys were in school and Elise and I spent the morning at the gym. She got to play outside at drop-in care so she was good and worn out by the time I was done with my work out. After lunch I put her down and she was sleepy. I was excited to get an hour or two to myself to get stuff done around the house but 30 minutes later she was screaming and crying. I went upstairs to see if it was an actual situation or if she had just thrown a toy just out of reach on the other side of the baby gate. You would be surprised how similar “I can’t reach my Barbie” and “I just fell and my face is bleeding” screams are. At the top of the stairs I could see that her door was open and she continued to scream until she saw me. She immediately stopped screaming (not a I just fell and my face is bleeding scream) and looked up at me with big scared, sad eyes (not a I can’t reach my Barbie cry), swallowed some sobs, raised her arm and said in her I am going to say this as slowly and clearly as possible so my stupid mom can understand me, “It is not working Mom!”

Her arm had fallen asleep. Her arm wasn’t working. First world problems people. My 2 year old daughter’s arm fell asleep and she screamed loud enough for the whole neighborhood to question if they should call child services or 911.

I didn’t get any house work done. Miraculously her arms started working again after we did a little right arm hokey pokey and the world continued to turn on its axis.

Life with toddlers is the best.

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