Problem Solved

Michael is a tattle tale. There isn’t anything that goes on in the house that Michael doesn’t feel an overwhelming need to inform me about. He always has something to report or complain about. As suggested by his OT a few months back we are supposed to address the tattling with the questions “Is this a big, medium or small problem?” And then follow that question with, “What can you do to solve the problem?” This line of questioning helps in other situations as well and subsequently I find myself asking him how he can solve a problem a dozen or so times a day.

Many times he is asking for help with something that I know he can do on his own. Usually just hearing the question sparks enough initiative for him to go back to the task and do a little problem solving but sometimes this happens:

Michael: Mom I can’t do my homework because the orange colored pencil isn’t sharp.

Me: How could you solve that problem?

Michael: I could just not do my homework?

And then I make a mental note to blog about this later because my kid is funny. These are the conversations I never want to forget.

His logic can be a powerful tool, a great line of argument and even better punch line.


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  1. Kristen

    As a teacher i can tell you this is the same logic that juniors and seniors in high school use. Michael is very advanced 😉

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