Patrick and Elise are either best friends or Elise is Patrick’s worst enemy. There isn’t a lot of in-between.

On Wednesday Patrick lost all privileges. No screen time. No toys. No anything fun. He. Was. In. TROUBLE! All he had left were books and Elise to pass the time, and since he HATED ALL THE BOOKS we have lining the bookshelves, he was left with Elise and a Lakeshore catalogue that was lying around.

For one hour – SIXTY long minutes – they sat on the chair and a half, side by side discussing everything in the catalogue. Patrick had a captivated audience as he discussed the merits and play potential of each toy. Elise had someone talking to her and listening to her point out colors, baby dolls and animals.

It only took an extreme purging the house of all that Patrick loves to bring these two together. As Tim said, “All you had to do is point them at each other and slowly walk away and they did the rest.” We didn’t have to set up some elaborate toy with flashing lights and sound effects, I didn’t have to referee toy sharing, they just talked to each other. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if that was all they ever needed to entertain themselves?


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