Sunday in the Park continued.

These are a few of my mis-focused, almost good photos. I really love my camera. It is a fun challenge to learn and I dare say it is my favorite hobby yet. I love you quilting but this lady needs to get outside and Singers don’t travel near as well as my Cannon.

I did not mean to focus on the temporary Angry Bird tattoo on PJ’s hand. I wanted his face sharp.

Here is a great shot of the playground equipment with a blurry PJ in the background. Whoops.

This one I really like though.

There are a lot of photos of Patrick because he kept calling me over and asking me to “Take a picture of me Mom!” That doesn’t happen often so I took full advantage of him being a ham.

Hold on buddy! This one should have been cropped with more of Tim and less of the retaining wall.

These are the runners-up for favorite photos of Elise.  The photo I posted of Elise yesterday takes the cake.

Any time I can get all three in the same photo is a win…

You can find the rest here. Now I need to go read a few more tutorials and get out and take some more photos!

One thought on “Sunday in the Park continued.

  1. Christine

    Kids are hard. They are so dang fast. The cake smash I did this weekend I did in manual mode. Kind of of a mistake, they didn’t turn out as good as I wanted cause that little bugger was so dang FAST! I didn’t even have time to think. Just think of what good photographers we could be of subjects that are actually sitting still. 🙂

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