Hands on

I am a hands on learner. I could read my camera manual cover to cover twice and learn nothing.   I just don’t learn like that. That is why when we play a new board game Tim always has to read the directions. It drives him crazy when I don’t give him my full attention when he is reading instructions out loud but really, even if I was giving 110% of my attention I still wouldn’t understand so why not stack the pieces of Ticket to Ride into a tower of mini train cars.

That said, in order to get better at taking photos I am just going to have to take more photos. I know my Mom will be thrilled with the idea because it means daily photos of her Grandkids so here we go again.

Today I was organized and the kids were cooperating so there was enough time for me to make waffles for breakfast AND playoutside before the bus came. I was even awake enough to grab my camera and snap a few shots. #parentingwin

This morning waiting for the bus.

Nothing special about this photo except for the fact that the boys are playing nicely and if I post this I will remember to take Michael to get his glasses fixed this afternoon. How those specs are still in one piece is a mystery. Thank goodness for free glasses adjustments.

My favorite time of year will be tomorrow or the next day. I love when the tree in our front yard looks like it has a thousand little neon green balls of life on its branches. Today is pretty good too.

If I titled my photos this one would be, “Didn’t I smile enough at the camera on Sunday?”

This is Elise’s “I’m a princess” dance. Even sick and running on little sleep the girl takes time to accessorise her outfit.

There is no place like home.

Elise picked out these shoes at Target before we went to Arizona. They are knock off Toms meets a hot pink pair of Dorthy’s Ruby slippers. I want a pair in my size.

This is Patrick’s favorite pass time. If riding down the hill in a truck were a sport he would be MVP.

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5 thoughts on “Hands on

  1. Megan Post author

    Not in manual but in AV which is an aperture priority mode. It is a baby step down from manual.

  2. Christine Fieber

    I pretty much shoot everything in AV mode. I looove me some Bokeh 🙂

  3. Beth

    I have NO IDEA about any of this stuff, but I LOVE the fact that I’ve seen pics of my nephews and niece each day! Keep learning all about this AV/ Manual yada yada stuff, and keep posting! I love me some pictures!

  4. Nama

    I’m with Beth – I don’t know anything about the camera but I love the pictures!!! Can’t wait to see everyone in a couple of weeks

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