It is the annual garage sale weekend in our neighboring town, Woodbury. We do most everything in Woodbury but houses are about 25% more expensive there so we live in Cottage Grove. The commute to Woodbury is only 10 minutes so it isn’t bad unless it is garage sale weekend. Every mini van, truck, trailer and SUV with in a 10 mile radius of Woodbury are on the roads following small, hard to read signs that are half washed away by rain. No one knows where they are going but everyone is on a mission. It took an extra half hour to get to the gym today because… well I was one of those mini vans following washed out signs.

This major garage sale weekend happens every year and most of the people who are selling stuff register with the local Lions Club as a fundraisers. I am not quite sure how the fundraiser works but   there are hundreds of garage sales in one town on one weekend. It is a big event. I assume a lot of money is raised. Last year I went to a few of the garage sales and was able to find a Columbia snow suit for Elise that she wore this past winter with matching Kamik boots for under $25.

I got sucked into the hype again this year with hopes of finding an extra pair of snow boots for the kids for next winter. You can never have enough winter gear. We stopped by a few garage sales yesterday afternoon and this morning. I didn’t buy a single thing today even though some Mom was selling all of her son’s Imaginext toys (Patrick’s go to and favorite toys) for $40. I know that the pile of toys she had was worth over $200 new so it was tempting but I also knew I wouldn’t have  a husband any more if I brought home a box of Imaginext toys to our son who has yet to earn back everything that was taken away from him last week. (He was in serious trouble people.)

Yesterday I did buy two things though. Don’t tell Tim but I bought Patrick a little transformer for 75 cents that he picked out when I was paying for a purple dress up costume for Elise.

Tim if you want to pick a fight about the transformer, please look at these photos first…. then try and be mad!

Look at the twirl radius of that skirt.

Here are a few of Patrick. He is saying thank you Dad. I love you Dad.

And the reason we were in the front yard… His bus driver is getting a very big gift card to Starbucks on the last day of school. He is so good with Michael.

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