Mother’s Day Project

I love you Mom. Thanks for all that you have done and continue to do for me. You always answer your phone when I call, even when you are a work. You have patiently recited the recipe for scalloped corn every time I call and complain that my Better Crocker cookbook is missing one page and it is the scalloped corn page. I love you.

Today we are spending the day building a sand box. I get to do a project, the kids are helping out and when it is done (in theory) the kids will play nicely in the sandbox with little supervision  It is a Mother’s Day project that keeps on giving.

We are using cedar so we don’t have to deal with sealing, staining or painting it for years to come. Also, pressure treated wood isn’t ideal for kids because of all the chemicals that are used to… well, pressure treat it. The downside to using cedar is that it is spendy. We priced out the wood needed for the sandbox with cedar boards and it was $150.We were not going to compromise on the cedar so we looked for another option. Just so happens the same amount of 1×6 6 foot boards of cedar fence posts cost only $34. The only difference it that the fence posts would need some sanding. We bought a couple of packs of 80 grit sandpaper for $3 a piece and got to work. By taking the extra step of sanding we were able to save $110 and when you have 54 square feet of sandbox to fill with sand every extra dollar saved helps fill the sandbox a few square feet deeper.

 Patrick help sand too but he required more supervision so I wasn’t able to snap any photos. Patrick and power tools, even cheap, low voltage power tools without sharp points, is a scary concept. He did do great work with the mallet though. Smashing things is his forte.

Look at that almost smirk. He really does love to smash.

Tim helped with the last few hits.

Elise wasn’t very helpful with the building process. She did however get the rocks mowed, so that is one chore I can take off my to do list.

We bought 20 bags of sand from Menards where they were selling them for 2 for $3. We bought 20 knowing it wouldn’t be enough to fill the sandbox but it would be enough to turn our van into a low rider. 20 bags of sand is heavy!

SAND! This expression is why we did this on Mother’s Day. Nothing could make me happier after the last few very challenging months weeks with Patrick than to see this kind of pure joy radiating from him.

Tim used the wheelbarrow that we bought back when we did our first yard project 5 springs ago. We bought our home in the middle of winter. This mound is what was under the snow in the backyard. There was also a 15 inch dug out drop off that spanned the back of the yard (you can see some of the ledge in the upper right hand corner of the photo. This weekend’s project was much more fun and we were able to complete it in one weekend.

This is now the view from our basement office window. I can blog, Pinterest, edit photos or sew while my kids play just a few yards from me. Tim and I both have very fond memories of giant sandboxes in our respective backyards. We both remember playing for hours building little cities and giant castles. Nothing is sweeter than seeing your child play like you did as a child.

This has been my favorite Mother’s Day yet. I slept in until 9. I got to play in the sun. I built something with my kids and husband. I took a long, long, long hot shower and no one banged on the bathroom once. I didn’t do dishes but the kitchen is clean. The kids went to bed without a fuss and I got to drink a beer and eat some pizza while watching one of Tim and my favorite shows. Thank you Tim for the perfect day. I feel loved. I am blessed.

a few more pics here.

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  1. Tim

    It was a fun project. We need more sand though. And it needs to dry out a bit. The kids currently get filthy.

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