Hold the tomatoes and lettuce

Today I said goodbye to a friend. She is moving halfway around the world in just a few weeks. Her husband and Tim work together. We both moved to Minnesota at the same time and we have spent countless hours together. Today we met at the park that is across from the house she recently packed up and sold. The first time we met at that park Patrick was still crawling and she was only dreaming of becoming a mom. She is now a mom and I am a mom of three….

We had a picnic. Elise and Patrick played while my friend and I reminisced. I will miss our play dates.


Patrick picked the seasoned, olive oiled tomatoes off his gourmet sandwich. Elise had so much sand falling out of her hair that I think she ate more sand than sandwich. But it doesn’t matter that I threw most of those sandwiches away. That wasn’t what today was about.

I have really got to make some friends with women that don’t work with or have husbands that work with Tim. I have said far to many goodbyes lately. Maybe we should just move back to ND so I can be closer to my BFFs!

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