All she knew was that she was going to get to choose a pink sucker afterwards.




I didn’t doubt my decision until she took the first snip…



And there was no turning back after that.


She sat so nicely the whole time.


She earned that sucker and a trip to the park (you know it was so I could take photos but she thinks it is because she sat so nice. win win.)


I love the hair cut. It is so sweet and it will be so nice for all the sand box time and swimming that comes with summer.


Today is a cloudy overcast day with no sun shining at all. We will get rain this afternoon. The low light made catching a clear shot tough and I am so bummed this shot came out fuzzy and that the focus is just a little too far to the right.

She was done smiling at the camera at this point. I had my window of opportunity of happy, smiley Elise and missed the good shot. Oh well, I guess I will just try again some other time.


a couple more photos here. 


Here are a few more I overlooked when I originally uploaded photos. The rest you can find at the link above.

2 thoughts on “Wedge

  1. Tim

    Oh wow. That haircut is dangerous for a daddy who already gives into his daughter princess too much.

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