Tile Shopping

In an effort to not be embarrassed to open our front door or allow a visitor into our main floor half-bath, Tim and I have hired a contractor to turn our entryway closet into a pseudo mudroom and to also tile and panel the half bath.

I know… PANELING?! but really it is the most cost-effective option for us. The drywall is in horrible condition with bad patch jobs and nicks everywhere so instead of ripping out all the drywall and replacing it, mudding it, sanding it, mudding it again and then priming and painting we have opted to put up some wainscotting/paneling which will be easily wipeable (seriously – boys pee EVERYWHERE!) and much more durable in the long run.

Now that the contractor is booked we have some decisions to make. I have been pinning every half bath with wainscotting I came across and every style of mudroom bench imaginable.

I am doing my best to respect Tim’s opinions but lets be honest, I get final say. Here are some of the inspiration photos I have pinned.

I like this one even though it is more beachy than I would ever decorate.


I love the idea of this entryway. The kids would hang up their stuff if they had hooks!

Today ‘s  job is to choose a tile. The contractor gets a discount at The Tile Shop so we will be shopping from there.  I hate having to think about resale because I want what I want but eventually we will be selling whether it is because of Tim’s work or to move to a different home in the Twin Cities. Would you buy a house with either of these tiles?


Rox Taupe


Rox Grigio

And yes they are different tile. I love the second but I think it might be too grey for the next owners who may not love my “grey is the new taupe” theory.

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