Career Day

Friday I do my weekly, get what I need to make through to big grocery shopping day shopping at Target. While we are in Target I tend to wander the isles with Elise because… Target is awesome and I love everything there. Plus, this past Friday, we had time to kill between Elise’s swim lessons and PJ’s Preschool Graduation. I got what I needed and then we swung through the kids clothes sections and hit up the clearance racks for play clothes because the sandbox, while awesome, lends itself to the kids needing at least one extra set of clothes a day and I didn’t want to spend big money on clothes that would be the go-to sand and summer fun clothes.

While weaving through the racks with the world’s biggest shopping cart that Elise insists on riding in, I saw something that I had never seen at Target before, Minecraft tees. This is huge people. My kids LOVE Minecraft. All three of them. Elise likes to have someone build her pink houses and then fill the pink houses with pigs and sheep. Michael has built condos and explored caves while battling creepers. Patrick… well he likes to build sculptures and blow them up with TNT.

For those who haven’t heard of MInecraft…. Minecraft is like Legos but with a never-ending world to explore. The game is made of blocks and each block can be moved and placed. You have to mine for resources and plant wheat and raise cows for food. It is like pioneering but with zombies. Michael’s school is even offering a few different Minecraft classes this summer for varying age levels. (click and down load the summer Youth program to see classes on everything from video game design to robotics to music and sports classes) It really is a great game.

Of course, I bought shirts for everyone. Even Elise got a boys size XS shirt that she wore with leggings all Saturday. The boys wore their shirts to bed on Friday and then all day Saturday. They only took them off because I promised them that I would wash them and they could wear them on Monday to school.

Fast forward to this morning. Shirts were clean and laid out the night before. Michael already had his on along with his Minecraft sweatshirt I made him for Christmas 2 years ago when I came down stairs. He was PUMPED to show his friends his shirt.

Then as I was loading lunch boxes into backpacks I remembered…. It is  spirit week at both the boys’ schools….Today at Michael’s school it is “Career Day-Dress like what you want to be when you grow up”


This lightbulb moment happened at 8:35am and the bus comes at 9am. Awesome. So I braced for the worse and started into a spiel about Spirit Week and started to work some Mom spin/hype magic. If advertising or publishing companies ever wanted to learn from masters they need look no farther than a time crunched Mom trying to sell her kid an idea she knows they will resist. We are spin magicians. Halfway through my impromptu spin campaign I could already see that he was starting to recognise that he would have to change out of his Minecraft shirt but I could also tell that he was coming around to the idea of “wearing a costume all day at school and pretending to be a grown up! How cool is that. You are so lucky!!!”

I asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up as soon as I saw him start to get interested in “wearing a costume.” He didn’t answer. I thought I blew my timing and I would have to deal with sad sad tears that were my fault because I promised him something and now I was taking it away. The seconds turned to minutes and let me tell you what…. I had to resist every temptation to start giving him options of careers I knew I could throw together quick. If he said Weather Man (like he did on his first day of Kindergarten) I would be fine. I knew he had a button up shirt and tie hanging in his closet. Done and Done. I began praying- Please say Weather Man. Please God let him say Weather Man. Anything beyond that… well lets just say the creative genius side of me isn’t an early riser… I would have been up shit creek.

He looked around, furrowed his brows, pursed his lips and stood quietly. I was just about to ask him again so I could start the mad dash to dig for some random clothing item when he said, “Can I just play video games when I am grown up?”

I told him no that wasn’t a job and he had to choose a job. Quickly.

It was now 8:39 and I was ready to turn him into a weather man whether he liked it or not and then he said in a hopefull voice, “What if I make the video games? Is that a job?”

I looked at him in his Minecraft t-shirt and his Minecraft sweatshirt and said, “Yes Michael it is. Get your shoes on and I will tell you all about a guy named Notch.”

PARENTING WIN! We were out the door in minutes, on the front lawn talking about Notch and  we had time to spare. TIME TO SPARE. By the time the bus pulled up he had his future all planned out. He will work at Nintendo for a bit because he really likes Super Mario Brothers but when he wants a break from Mario he will go work for Notch at Minecraft.

He is awesome. Tim and I made that kid.

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