Patrick’s Last Day of Preschool- Ever!

First Day of Preschool this year


And today:


Per suggestion from friends on facebook, I kept the end of year teacher gifts simple; a sincere thank you note, a gift card and then I printed out comic that Tim found.

I think the comic perfectly illustrates what Patrick’s teachers must have felt like on a daily basis. Nice Find Tim.

comic by Jim Benton

Here are the teachers that spent their days trying to shove a glowing ball of knowledge into Patrick’s head.

We started a tradition after Michael’s last day of preschool to go to Barnes and Noble after school and choose a book. This will be our 3rd year repeating this tradition and it is fast becoming one of my favorites.


And this year because I was craving it, we added a trip to Dairy Queen to the tradition. Patrick and Elise didn’t mind. There are no photos of this though because I was too busy consuming 670 calories (I checked the nutrition label on the DQ website after I ate the whole thing) of peanut butter chocolate ice cream goodness. (Mental note: must remember for Michael’s last day of school – it was not worth the calories)

I feel like I said what I needed to say last week on your graduation post so instead of droning on about how the challenge of parenting you is a blessing I think I will go read you a story from your book while doing the plank.

I love you PJ. Happy Summer Vacation!

more photos here

2 thoughts on “Patrick’s Last Day of Preschool- Ever!

  1. Tim

    Yep, school has terrified my child from wanting to be an astronaut to being a grasshopper catcher.

    Oh well. Just so he’s a happy grasshopper catcher.

  2. Meg

    Patrick’s career choice will always be directly related to the most recent Magic School Bus movie he has watched.

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