Crazy Hair Day because somedays there doesn’t seem like there is a lot to smile about.

This week has been one major disaster after another, and with the Boston Bombings and Newport shooting still fresh in our minds, two natural disasters back to back makes me feel helpless. The tornadoes in Oklahoma were horrific. I ache for those families and I cry every time I think about how terrified those children must have been in those schools and for their teachers who tried to calm fears while keeping their students safe. Teachers are not paid enough money. And then yesterday fourth graders on a class field trip in St. Paul were searching for fossils at a park when the gravel gave way and land slide took the lives of one child, two more were swept away but were rescued and one is still missing (news story here).

Tim kept asking me, “Why are you watching that?” while I cried at the most recent new coverage on the screen. I was angry at first, but then I thought about it and then I slept on it, and this morning the first thing I did after getting Michael on the bus was log onto the computer and check the news stories for updates. It is one thing to ache for the families and mourn the losses but another to let it consume you. My family is healthy and happy. I should be celebrating that. If I spend my days wrapped up in other people’s tragedy I am undoubtedly missing out on the good that is in my life. I can’t control a natural disaster or an act of terror, but I can control living in the moment and enjoying what I got right now.

I will still check for updates on the still missing child and I will watch coverage on the families in Oklahoma for information on how I can help and where I can donate but I will not let it consume my every thought, because even now as I am writing this post a beautiful little girl has crawled into my lap asking me to play with her. I am sure the moms who lost their children would want me to walk away from the keyboard and play dollhouse and princess until my baby girl surrenders to exhaustion and curls up in my lap to cuddle.

So on that note. I am choosing to focus on the good, and today was Crazy Hair Day. For those who can’t play dollhouse or build a complicated monster dispenser in Minecraft with my children today, here are some photos to smile at:

the following two photos are snap shots of his “victory dance moves” from when he beats a level in Mario Brothers

Why do silly faces always consist of a tongues sticking out?

profile and done:

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