Memorial Day Weekend 2013 Part 1

We drove up to Minot on Friday and spent the chilly rainy weekend doing everything that the cabin has to offer in spite of the weather.

The kids got to race the 4-wheelers, practice their rock skipping at the gravel pit, dig in the sandbox, explore the creek, burn scrap wood in the fire pit, roast marshmallows, visit the cows, play checkers, dip strawberries in chocolate, and eat birthday cake.  They fished off a rock embankment at Lake Darling, they told stories to both their Great Grandparents and so much more. But this post isn’t about them. This post is about my favorite mutt.

Photo Credit: Auntie Buff

It is safe to say that the cabin is Lucy’s absolute favorite place on earth.  We have a fenced in backyard so she is never chained up. The only time she is on a leash is when we are on a walk and in all honesty she hasn’t gotten near as many walks as she should in the past few months. It has been a long winter for all of us. Even though we have a big backyard that she can run in, it doesn’t begin to compare to how much room there is to romp in the meadow or the mile of dirt road she can run on before seeing even a silhouette of a neighbor’s home.

The only fence she encountered over the weekend was the fenced in coral that will, hopefully- fingerscrossed, house a barn and two horses someday.

She was a little miffed that my mom and Tim closed the gate after them when they went to walk the perimeter of the someday barn. When I opened the gate she ran to my mom as fast as she could because Nama spoils more than just the Grandkids; Lucy gets top shelf treats at the cabin that she never gets at home.

I entered the photo above in the “In the distance” photo challenge at I Heart Faces

Besides sleeping next to a roaring fire at the end of a long day I think that chasing 4-wheelers is Lucy’s favorite cabin activity. Whenever a 4-wheeler is running she is barking at its tires. She loves LOVES to chase the 4-wheelers.

Another favorite the cabin has to offer is the near by gravel pit.

For years she was scared of the water. Then last year when we were on vacation and my parents watched Lucy, she had a change of heart. She now bounds in and out of the water.

She doesn’t really swim in the water but the fact that she is even wading into the water to belly height is big news.

I’m not sure, but I think I am the reason she was afraid of water for so long. When she was a pup, just a young pup (probably about 4 months old), we took her to the cabin. It was Thanksgiving weekend and it was cold. She was on one side of the creek and I was on the other. She stood on the creek bed looking at me. To fully understand her reaction to being across the creek from me and her subsequent actions you must know and understand that she is my dog and I am her human. I was pregnant with Michael at the time and she rarely left my side whenever I was pregnant.  All three pregnancies she was like this. I don’t know how we ended up on opposite sides of the creek. She must have been following my Mom and Sister because they were already spoiling her rotten by that time. I called Lucy’s name to see what she would do and she leaped into the water. I think I was almost as surprised as she was. You see, I didn’t realize the creek was as deep as it was and she sunk. She was under the water long enough for me to start planning my rescue mission. I was ready to get into the water when she emerged with a gasping panic. Her paws were flailing in the worst, most unnatural doggy paddle I have ever seen. She made it across the 8 foot wide creek and ran straight into my waiting arms. That was 7 years ago. It took 6 years for her to get over that episode. I think she may still hold a bit of a grudge.

Maybe by the time she turns a decade old she will forgive me. For now, I will continue to think that she does this to spite me

I love my mutt. This may be my favorite photo of her ever. She looks so happy.

Here are a few more of her rolling in deer poop. My sister had the camera and took these photos instead of stopping the dog from smearing deer poo deep into her coat of fur. It took one bath at the cabin and another bath when we got home to get the stink out. The photos are worth it though. Thanks Beth.



Beth took these next two photos too because she loves Lucy just as much as I do.


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  1. Nama

    it was great to have everyone home! it has been way too long since we all had some good cabin time together. Lucy is fun to watch as she runs and explores.

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