Memorial Day Weekend Part 3

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Anytime my kids get to be around my Grandparents, their Great Grandparents, I feel blessed. I was lucky enough to have known and have fond memories of my Great Grandparents and I hope that my kids have that same opportunity.

My Mom’s Mom is reading a book to Elise that she read to me when I was young.

And here is my Dad’s Dad celebrating my Dad’s 54th birthday with us. Doesn’t he look good for being 54?! I think it runs in the genes because my Grandpa still looks just the way I remember him as a kid.

As I mentioned yesterday, my parents are renovating their cabin into their permanent home. Because of their location they don’t get garbage pick up so much of the building supply scraps need to be burned. As much as my project loving, see potential in all discarded things heart was aching at all the lumber being burned – I get it. It needs to be done. Not everything could be burned but most everything could become a toy.


I still think they should have posted free scrap wood on their local craigslist but that wasn’t my call.  Plus they didn’t have internet out there until a week ago. The internet status is the only thing keeping Tim from wanting to live out there too. If they could find a way to have high speed internet I think we would vacation at the cabin every chance we got.

Anyways… Here are some photos of the kids playing with building supplies, helping Papa burn scrap and eating smores. Beth took all of these photos. Tim and I opted out of kid time in order to help out by doing some landscaping. I know it may sound crazy but it was so much fun to plant some shrubs, haul rock and just work outside.

Check out how good the cabin is looking. If you squint and tilt your head just right you can see that Tim and I are planting shrubs in front of the house.

Great shot Beth. I love how the boys are sharing a chair and Elise gets her own.

I don’t know how many s’mores they ate and I am not sure I want to know. All I do know is that Michael was so excited because last year on the 4th of July we made s’mores and after he asked for more we explained that s’mores are not healthy and they are a treat that we only have on the 4th of July. Of course he remembered that, but Papa and Nama we able to reassure him that it was okay to eat the s’mores because it was Papa’s birthday and that is another day that you can eat s’mores.



Elise pulled this turtle around with her every where. It is just a sand toy that Beth had the foresight to tie a string onto. At any given point when she was outside she had it with her, and when she was inside she could tell you exactly where she left her outside turtle.

The kids helped decorate the cake for Papa and were so proud of the strawberries they dipped. They ate more chocolate this past weekend than they did this past Halloween!

Elise napped on Papa while they kept the scrap lumber burning. My heart melted. Thank you Beth for capturing this moment.

Tomorrow I will write about my absolute favorite part of the weekend and how Patrick lost his first tooth.

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  1. Nama

    You’re keeping us in suspense – can’t wait to hear what your favorite part of the weekend was. Mine was having everyone home! (the shrub and rock landscaping is a close second – I love it!)

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