Kindergarten Celebration

Yesterday afternoon our neighbor watched Elise and Patrick so both Tim and I could go to Michael’s Kindergarten Celebration.

I blurred the following photo because I know some people are sensitive about having their kids’ photo on the internet but as I was uploading it I thought to myself, it is a sort of representation of how a parent watches school programs. Every other kid blends into the background and your kiddo is all you see.


After singing a few songs the kids led all the parents outside to where the teaches had set up 6 different stations. The kids had a blast at each station, a true testament to how well the teachers know their students and how good they are at their jobs.

There was a watermelon math station where you estimated how many seeds, counted seeds, added seeds, subtracted seeds and ate watermelon.

The kids played bean bag toss.

They painted with water which I thought was genius. They had squirt bottles, paint rollers and paint brushes and they got to “paint” the brick and pillars with water.

Colored with sidewalk chalk and played at water tables and then there was every kid’s favorite – blowing bubbles.


Michael had a blast but I think I was happier. Let me tell you what; seeing him play with his classmates made my day week month year!


A huge thanks to Ms. S for being so flexible, wonderful, kind and firm teacher. Every teacher should be like her. My fingers are crossed that Patrick has her next year.

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  1. Nama

    Congratulations Michael on a great year of work at Kindergarten! You are soooo smart! Wishing you happiness and success in 1st grade – I know you will continue to learn all they have to offer and enjoy making friends. We LOVE you and are PROUD of you.

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