Caught in the rain

I have never had to jeans stick to me like I did last night. I had to peel them off when we got home but it was fun. Lucy wasn’t impressed but I had a good time. (first selfie with the big camera- excuse the awkward angle)

We were a few houses into our walk around the block when the sprinkling rain started. We were half way home when the rain, lightening and thunder started and 3/4 of the way around the block when the down pour and high winds hit us. Lucy was scared. She doesn’t like thunder, lightening, rain or any weather that it isn’t sunny. Every clap of thunder Lucy stopped walking and cowered next to me.

Neighbors laughed and shouted anecdotes from their covered porches or man cave garages while they watched the unexpected down pour wash everything, including my blow dried and flat ironed hair clean. You are right neighbor with the green door, I should have brought an umbrella. Of course minutes after making it home the rain let up and the sun came out again.

It was a fun way to end the day. A wet and surprising way to start the weekend. Hopefully the sun stays out and we can finally get our spring yard work done. Those dandelions won’t kill themselves.

2 thoughts on “Caught in the rain

  1. Beth

    Despite being soaked and just walking in a storm, it looks like Lucy is smiling and is pretty happy!

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