T-Minus 3 days

Michael has just a few more days of school before his summer vacation starts. This mean that last week, and for a few days this coming week, it was and will be just Patrick, Elise and me. It has been a good time.  It will be different when Michael comes home. Not that it won’t be fun, we have big plans for this summer (more on that soon), but it will be different. I feel like Patrick and Elise have grown up so much in the past couple months. Not only have they shot up like the weeds that have taken over our yard, but both are hitting big milestones this fall. Patrick will start full day kindergarten and Elise will start Preschool. This is the last summer my two youngest are still my babies. Something about Kindergarten ages kids at an alarming rate. Michael has learned more than just sight words and math this year. He learned swear words, he learned that kids can be mean, he learned to navigate a lunch room and playground and so much more. All of this has made him seem so very independent and grown up.

SOoo…. I will spend the next three days soaking up as much of these two as I can before my big boy comes home and changes the dynamic from sweet and innocent to… I don’t know what, but it will change. Not better or worse. Just different.




a couple more pics here

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