Another reason to love Google

We use Google a lot in our house. Picasa is one of my favorite ways to do quick edits on photos I upload to the blog. Google+ hangout is our favorite way to chat via the internet (I love how more than one can video chat at the same time). I have my phone synced up with Google+ so all of my phone pics are backed up so when I inevitably break or lose my phone, I don’t also lose all my pics.

It is the auto back up of my photos that introduced me to motion photos. I went to look at my photos and without me taking any video, there were new videos uploading. At least I thought they were videos. Ends up it was Auto Awesome. Auto Awesome is my new favorite feature from Google+. Here you can find a few tips and tricks.

I haven’t tried to set up and shoot a motion photo yet but I plan to try very soon. For now I am surprised at how great a few phone pics can be smashed together without me even attempting to make a motion photo.

You can check out a few more in the new June in Motion folder in the Photo Gallery. As long as Google keeps this #autoawesome available I will keep posting the motion photos in their respective month’s folders.



2 thoughts on “Another reason to love Google

  1. Tim

    Don’t forget to look at the others in the gallery. The boys are so much more guilty in motion.

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