Summer Bucket List

We are one week into summer (Michael’s last day was last Wednesday) and I am already in fear of the summer being wasted by trips to swim lessons and hours of the boys playing video games SOOOooo….

I made a list.

One of Tim’s co-worker’s wife has started up a website entitled The Small Change Project and she is a life coach of sorts. The website is positive and full of tips to make the most of your day. I have been casually checking the past couple weeks and one thing that seems to be a common thread in many of her posts is list making and actually following through with said list.

I am no stranger to list making. I love making a list.  Following through, well… that has been a life long battle. Think I am exaggerating? Ask my Mom about my 7th grade science project on the common cold.

So in order to squelch my fears of the summer passing us by in the blink of an eye, I am making a list and you my friends are going to help hold me accountable. I don’t want fall to come and have to start taking out the bins of winter gear feeling like we didn’t make the most of summer break.

Expect to see me grow as a photographer this summer as I practice shooting more in manual mode on all (or at least most) our adventures. Get ready for my translucent skinned middle child to gain a sun kissed healthy glow on his cheeks, and be ready to cheer when Elise masters riding her trike and Michael learns to ride his without training wheels because we are going to take full advantage of some of the best parks MN has to offer.

I won’t be able to do everything on the list on my own with the kids so some of these adventures will have to wait for weekend or for Tim’s summer vacation but many of them are feasible activities for the many times overwhelming one parent to three kid ratio. I have even contemplated hiring a neighbor girl to come with on a few adventures so I could have another set of hands. And maybe if the adventure is fun enough I can tempt Beth to drive down for a day or two to help out!

Here is what I have so far, and I plan on adding more as the summer goes on. I found many of these places on Get Out Minnesota which is a great website for kids.

There is so much to do and so little summer.

What is your favorite family summer activity? What was your favorite summer activity as a kid? We had serious water fights and intense games of kick the can in the neighborhood I grew up in!



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