Splash Park White Out

My Photography fail(s) from last week.

Nothing is more humbling than thinking, Hey I am finally getting the hang of this and then realising that you still haven’t got a clue.

Room for improvement is an understatement.

Along with needing to practice the actual photography side of thing I also need to hone my post processing skills. Time to step up my game from quick adjustments in Picassa or a little Gimping (If Photoshopping can be a word, so can Gimping) to being a little more artistic with my post processing. These were some of the best shots after a bit of Picassa tweaking.


And lucky for me, the best shot I got was of my sister playing with the kids but you can’t really see any of the kids so really it is just a photo of a grown woman running through a splash park. I plan on printing and hanging this one large scale. Maybe for the bathroom?

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