Contractor is done!

Warning: Bad phone pics ahead. Please excuse the under and over lit grainy photos!

Let me tell you about how happy I am to finally be done with the contractor part of this renovation. It is so nice to have the house back and to be able to walk around without worry about being in the way or stepping on tile that isn’t set.

If I am happy about this, Lucy is ecstatic. She looks like she has achieved some new level of lazy dog zen this morning. Today is the first day that we are contractor free and I think Lucy knows that. She has been locked up in the master bedroom and basement throughout this process and she is more ready to be done. The noisy, hat wearing man is gone!

The project still isn’t done. We opted to paint ourselves because paying someone to tile is one thing, paying someone to paint – well that is a little silly. When we get back from our mini 4th of July trip to ND we will start painting.

The bathroom is the closest to being complete. It needs some wood-filler, paint, mirror, door knob, art and a few bathroom decor pieces but the toilet flushes and the sink works! Here is where we are now.

The entryway has farther to go.

We plan on living with where the entryway is at for now because we want to be absolutely sure with what we want to do with it. We know we want a bench and some wall cubbies, but how we do that is still up in the air. If you follow me on Pinterest you will get an idea of where we are going by peeking at my Entryway Board.

Here is where we are now.

We also have to figure out something for the stair rail…

For now we are so happy with where we are at. I will take some photos with the camera later, for now you can still get pretty good idea with just the phone pics. More here. 


2 thoughts on “Contractor is done!

  1. Susan Nelson

    What is that gorgeous tile? I am looking for tile for my kitchen and after 6 months of casually searching I have found NOTHING! Now I pop on over here from YHL and I see this tile-love at first sight!!!!!! Please, please, let me know what it’s called and who makes it! It’s gorgeous!!!!!!

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