Long Road

Feeling quite pun-y this morning. I have a long way to go before I can feel confident in saying – “I get this whole SLR photography thing.” The pun? Well today I am going to share some photos of the long road that leads from the highway to my parents cabin at sunset. Maybe this is more of a metaphor/symbolism than a pun… Anyway I digress. Here are some photos of the cabin, its gravel driveway and the surrounding rolling hills. But first a snap shot of some camera-shy deer.

Here is Lucy walking off some stiff hips after a leap out of a moving pick-up window. I am still amazed she is able to walk. Stupid dog.

The clouds were stormy, cotton candy poofs of pink, orange, red and purple in the sun-setting glow of dusk. The photos are okay but they do not come close to the beauty that was that sunset.

A view of the canola field.

And here is the cabin on the way back down the road. These photos we taken within a minute of each other and they look completely different. No editing. I am still learning why they came out so different.

The rest of the photos (fireworks, scavenger hunt, baseball, Michael’s birthday party, family portraits and more) from the weekend are being held hostage on Tim’s laptop. I will get them to you as soon as he gets them to me.


2 thoughts on “Long Road

  1. Nama

    Glad Lucy is OK – that was kinda scary! Can’t wait to see the other pictures! The pictures of dusk are great

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