4th of July 2013 Part I

I will skip the words because really all you want to see is the photos.



I love this because the look my Grandma is giving Patrick is the same look we all have when we pretend to understand what the boys are talking about when they talk Skylanders!



Sorry we never got around to hauling more rock for your landscaping Mom!




The closest I got to a photo of all three together facing me.


The great American past time.


None of my kiddos like sparklers. They try to but in the end they always get nervous. Probably a good thing, I guess.



For the record these next photos are not staged. Elise was delirious by 4pm and that is about the time she started running in circles on the lawn waving the American flag. She did this the rest of the evening.


Beth joined in on the fun for a bit too. Elise loved having a companion to run with.




This photo I am quite proud of. Michael is so big!


This one turned out pretty good too, but it isn’t my favorite of Pj.



It took forever for the sun to set. While others were getting impatient to set off the big fireworks I snapped away.




Patrick spent a lot of time like this.



My Grandma (pictured above) made this jean quilt for me when I was a senior in High School. It has become our official picnic blanket and it is the back of the van at all times. Total bonus: the texture of the blanket looks great in photos!


My boys



More later but right now I need to go hug my seven year old.

Michael’s birthday letter will be posted later today.

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