4th of July 2013 Part II

We couldn’t wait for the sun to set. The kids and the adults were exhausted from a full day. It was 9 pm and we started shooting the bigger fireworks even though it was still bright out.


There was a time when her profile made my heart ache, now I don’t see a scar all I see is beauty.


My man.


We killed a little time by asking Beth to take family photos. The kids didn’t appreciate the forced photo-op in the middle of their fireworks show.


We got a few smiles by posing silly.


Parachutes were a favorite. I remember racing my cousins and Beth to get the parachutes. Good times. Somethings never change.


In my family everything is funny after 6pm. We are not night owl by any definition. We were all a bit delirious at this point.


I don’t know what my Grandma was laughing at, but I love this photo of her.


My Dad and Beth did all the work while the rest of us sat back and enjoyed the show.


This is how PJ watched my Dad light up the sky until he gave up and went inside to play legos.


The sun finally setting.


Cozying up to Nama for a bedtime story.


My Dad.


I posted this in his birthday letter but I love it so much that I am posting it again.




I spent Independence day with my family on the land my Great Great Grandparents homesteaded over 100 years ago. I am blessed.


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