The time we went to Noah’s Ark and back in a day

Noah’s Ark Water Park is America’s largest water park and it is (according to Google) 3 hours and 11 minutes from our house.

Yesterday we drove down and back. We spent almost equal amount of time in the car as we did in the water park but let me tell you…. it was so worth it. We had planned on staying in a hotel that night in the Dells but at 4pm the kids were exhausted – they wouldn’t admit it but they were burnt out. We pushed through another hour but in the end 7 hours in a water park is the limit for our family right now. Tim and I debated, and in the end we both decided that making the drive home and sleeping in our own beds would be much more restful than checking into a hotel room, leaving the hotel room to find ample sustenance for all of our weary, starving, dehydrated bodies, and then get the kids to sleep and then have to sit silently in a dark room until we fell asleep too. Yeah. The drive home was the right choice. Plus it thunderstormed last night and Lucy would have been scared into a traumatized state if she would have been left home alone to weather a storm (we paid neighbor boy to come let her out a few times and give her some love while we were gone.)

Water parks are not slr camera friendly. First of all those kinds of cameras are expensive and not something you want to risk being stolen. And second well, it is a water park; water and cameras don’t mix well. At least most cameras….

It is my birthday is 6 days from now. When we were in Minot my very generous and thoughtful Grandpa (I have wrote about him here and here and here) gave me an early birthday card with the message written on the envelope, “don’t open before July 27th unless you need to“. Well curiosity got the best of me (and I must say I lasted two weeks so that is pretty darn good!) and I opened the card on Friday morning when I should have been packing for the water park. In the card was a check with note that said, “spend it on yourself.” Do I have the best Grandpa or what?! Well I knew right away what I was going to buy.

I have been researching water proof cameras because so much of our time is spent in water and I want to be able to capture that time with out risking my Canon. I also wanted a camera that was small and could take a beating. In the end I chose this Olympus Tough. There are nicer Olympus Toughs on the market but in the end the TG-630 did what I wanted it to do, the price was right (Happy Birthday to me and Thank you Grandpa!) Target had one in stock that I could buy that afternoon.

I am telling you all of this because LOOK what I can do now!


and look at her ruffled bum 🙂

The photos are so fun and we took so many that Tim and I spent this afternoon’s quiet play time making a little somethin’ somethin’. Music is Glowing by Ben Drake which I found on Jamendo (we have talked about that site here). I edited the photos and Tim cut together this super cute video.

Happy Early Birthday to me. Thank you Grandpa for the card with the reminder that it is okay to splurge on myself once in a while and for the money to put towards my indulgent splurge. This photo I was able to take of Elise and I WHILE riding the this water slide is a great reminder that my pending 30th Birthday is not such a bad thing after all but rather something to celebrate!


more photos here and probably a post or two about the day coming this week.


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  1. Beth

    Good call on the water proof camera! It does a great job capturing the kids’ pure joy!

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