Wisconsin Dells Water Park Dream Trip

A post about planning our next Dells trip with a few photos sprinkled in for good measure:

Ever since our there and back in a day trip to the Dells last weekend Tim and I have been talking about what we would do differently next time we go to the Dells. That’s right. We loved the trip so much we are already planning our next trip. This trip most likely won’t happen this summer, but it is good to dream, plan and budget both money and Tim’s vacation days for next year.

First of all there should be a group of us. This is one of those trips where the more the merrier. This past weekend we went with about 20 other people from Tim’s work. Most were young and single or newly married but there were two other families there, so that made it fun for the kids.

We all booked rooms at hotels that we chose according to our budgets and our plans for the next days. We originally booked an average hotel with just a pool on site knowing that we were going to leave early to mid morning the following day so it would be silly to spend hundreds of dollars on a room at a hotel that had its own water park for their guests. We ended up cancelling our room at no fee and driving home that night, and I can’t help but think that if we would have booked at a more expensive place our plans wouldn’t have been able to be as flexible with out a major fee.

For our dream trip though, I would want to book a hotel with a water park and here is why; most hotel/resort/lodges offer free passes to their on site water parks when you stay at the hotel. I think it would be great to choose a hotel with an awesome water park and spend the bulk of our time at the on site water park so when Elise got delirious or anyone needed a Band-Aid we could go up to the privacy of our room and get a break form the sun and chaos, and have a little down time. Also, with most resorts you get a fridge in your room, so while you are splurging on room costs you are able save by buying  groceries to have on hand instead of paying for insanely priced park fast food. Plus when you buy groceries you eat healthier so you don’t have to worry about a gut ache from over indulging on park fast food.

I also like the idea of the hotel water park because then you are not committed to spending your whole day at one location. There is so much to do and explore in the Dells that I would want to split the days in half. Explore in the morning, water park in the afternoon or vice versa. Go hiking or visit the water front for half the day and still get in some major water slide action on the flip side without paying full price day admission to a water park.

And then if the budget wasn’t completely blown, on the last day of vacation, check out of the hotel and hit Noah’s Ark (this is the park we were at last weekend) water park for the day. By then the novelty of water parks would have worn of slightly so when we left at 4 to get home by 8pm the kids would be happy to go home.

I have spent more time than I would care to admit looking at different hotel/resorts/lodges the last few days and the conclusion I came to is that there are so many great ones to choose from that we will probably have to make this an annual trip.

Anyone want to join us?

I am no vacation planning pro but I think this sounds like a good trip. I think I will consult my BFF Jess to see if she has any other tips. She is a pro at planning trips. In fact she has recently started up her own travel agency call Easy Days Getaways. We have hired her to plan our trip to Disney this coming spring and already it is looking like a trip of a life time. If you are looking for some help booking a vacation let me know and I will send you her info.

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  1. Jess

    I’m in for a trip to the Dells! I love that you have been bitten by the vacation bug :). I think your plan for next year is great! I could probably get some group rates too, depending on how many people travel with you next year.

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