Favorite Anniversary

The surprise that I mentioned yesterday, that Beth and I had been scheming about for over a month, was that she offered to take the kids for the weekend – at her house – in Duluth!

The plan was that I would convince Tim that it would be fun for our family to drive up to Duluth and spend the night at Beth’s and then spend the next day hanging out with her on the shores of Lake Superior. He wasn’t excited but because he loves me and because he knows the kids always have a blast he said enthusiastically, “Sure. We can go.” Except it wasn’t enthusiastic. It was more begrudgingly and with a bit of a sulky pout.

The plan was going smoothly. He had no idea and then we rented a pressure washer the afternoon before we were suppose to leave thinking it wouldn’t take more than a few hours and we would be able to leave at noon the next day (Friday) and head to Duluth for the weekend as a family.

Well like every DIY project things didn’t go as expected and at 11am Tim was still spraying and I was getting angry. I had this big weekend planned and he was talking about returning the sprayer and then spending the money to rent it again so we could leave for Duluth as planned. He didn’t know why I was mad. So he took it personally and then I got even more frustrated. I was packing up the kids and the plan was I would pack a suitcase for Tim and I and when I made him pull over at a gas station for a pee break, Beth would be there. We would yell SURPRISE and then Tim and I would switch cars with Beth so she had a van full of kids and we had a car to ourselves with a packed bag. We could go to a nearby resort or we could head home and enjoy having the house to ourself.

Because we were both mad, and because I didn’t want to have to rent the sprayer again when in actuality had hours of spray time if I just drove the kids myself, I spilled the beans. He was shocked and so happy and loved the surprise. He kept asking, “Really?!” It was fun. Tim isn’t a huge fan of surprises so it was great that this one was so well received. As I predicted Tim didn’t want to go to a resort, he wanted to stay home and enjoy the empty house.

I switched my van full of kids for Beth little red car and sang at the top of my lungs to music I liked the whole way home.

Tim was just finishing up the deck when I got home. It worked out perfectly.

We spent that Friday night, all day Saturday and Sunday morning enjoying being husband and wife while taking a break from parenthood.

That Friday night while drinking happy hour drinks at Tavern Grill we realized that this was the first kid free weekend we have had that didn’t involve another commitment. Sure we went to 4 AGMs with out the kids but that is a weekend of meetings for Tim and then large social activities with Tim’s co-workers. Fun but not a vacation. The only other time we can remember being without the kids was at my friends Jess’s wedding when I was 7 months pregnant with Patrick. Another great time but not a weekend just for us.

The weekend was much-needed and more appreciated than Beth will ever know.


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