I really wanted to get the boys into the local Y Day Camp at nearby Lake Elmob but I wasn’t organized enough with our schedule far enough in advance to secure them a spot on the week that actually worked with our schedule.

Mommy guilt has taken over and I made a pledge to myself to do as many fun “camp” activities this week with the kids that I can.

So here we go. SAHM (Stay At Home Mom) CAMP WEEK 2013

I have been having a lot of fun with graphics lately. Tim likes this new hobby because it doesn’t involve a trip to JoAnns Fabrics and it means geek time in the office with Scrubs on the in background. I thought the “camp badges” I found here were super cute and I loved the colors, plus it saved me hours of trying to create my own. So thank you to the artist from The Girl Tyler who made these and then shared them for others to use. I designed the rest of the graphic in GIMP.

We kicked off the week by making journals for the kids to write and draw their adventures in. I quick made up the journal covers in Gimp using the arrows I designed earlier for the SAHM CAMP WEEK graphic.

We recently bought a laser printer because the printer Tim received as a college grad gift from his siblings has bit the dust. I wanted a color printer but Tim convinced me that in the end we mostly print docs and black and white coloring pages for the kids so the laser printer was the best option. Now we have faster printing, inexpensive ink cartridges, and wireless connection, but the downside is that it doesn’t print in color. Now if I need something printed in color I take it to Office Max *gasp* and feel guilty about printing at a big corporation when my family has owned and operated a small town Office Supply store for 3 generations.

So instead of the steely blue arrows, the kids got grey arrows. The rest of this weeks print offs will be grayscale too. Life goes on. At least the construction paper gives it a pop of color. Surprise surprise, the kids didn’t care at all about the color (or lack there of) of the arrows. All they cared about was cutting and gluing.


Once they finished making their journals we loaded up and drove the 10 minutes to Cottage Grove Ravine Park for a Hike and Hunt.





The last doable*  item on the Hike and Hunt list was to sit on the dock and draw what you see.

*The real final item was find pine cones and there were no pine trees – awesome job Meg



This kid can bend in half like … I don’t even know what. He sleeps like this sometimes; legs “crisscross applesauce” and bent in half at the waist resting his head on the bed. Weird.



I told Elise she couldn’t join Michael, who was on his way to the playground, until she looked at me and smiled.

This may be the least sincere and most forced smile I have ever taken of her. Look at the desperation in her eyes. She just wants to be with her big brother!


They all finished their lists and went off to play.

Playground time was cut short because Michael’s tooth started bleeding so I yanked it out and we figured it was a good time to end the Hike and Hunt. Nothing like loading up 3 kids, a bag of crayons, journals, loose paper and a camera while trying not to lose a bloody tooth to finish of the first morning of SAHM Camp Week!

After a long nap for Elise and some quiet play time for the boys, I set up our next activity. Target Practice! No it doesn’t even come close to learning how to shoot a bow and arrow at sleep away camp in the middle of the woods like I did when I was young, but the kids still had fun with SAHM Camp style Target Practice anyway.

4 points for the pink watering can. 3 points if you shoot it in the Menards bucket, 2 points if you hit the dump truck and 1 point for soaking the chair.


Michael was quick to figure out that if he sucked up enough water he could hit all 4 targets in one shot and earn 10 points a turn and, “counting by tens is so so very easy.”

Day one of camp is over. 4 more to go. Time to go figure out what we are going to do tomorrow!

more Camp Journal, Hike and HuntTarget Practice photos





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  1. Beth

    That is SOOO cool!! You’re so creative! Umm… I saw Michael like 2 weeks ago?! How does he look like he’s 10?!?! and the tooth is finally gone?! Pictures?! Can’t wait to hear the kids tell me about it!

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