Our pathetically stocked fridge and pantry put SAHM CAMP on hold for the morning. We spent what felt like forever filling up our cart at Target. Side note: Once school starts I will never go shopping at Target with the kids again. Starbucks should offer shots of Bailey’s to every parent that walks into Target with a long list and children in tow.

We came home, had lunch, and then it was time for camp to start because I made a pledge to try to do this all week and I couldn’t give up on the second day…

While the kids watched a movie for quiet play time I went to the garage and prepared this afternoon’s activity. It took me about an hour to get  everything ready. I had to find the glue, cut the wood and print off directions from Ana White’s $2 Bird House plans so the kids could see what we were doing and be engaged in the process.


I told them how many of each piece of wood they would need and they collected their pieces.

The plans called for the kids to glue the pieces in place and then the adults go back and put a few nails in when the glue was dry.

Everything was going great until we started gluing. Yeah. The second step is where it all went down- hill quickly. The glue I had, was not the right kind of glue for the project. I don’t know what I was thinking (or wasn’t thinking) when I bought this stuff but I somehow bought the wrong Gorilla Glue. It was a mess and the drying time is way longer than my kids’ patience for holding a piece of wood to another piece of wood.

Not only did it take forever to dry but when it did dry it expanded, puffed up and turned white.

There are not a lot of photos of the process because it was so messy and I had to work quick to keep the kids’ attention. I ran inside and was able to find an almost empty tube of Super Glue and that worked great until it ran out.

Here are the houses after I hit a few nails in as they sit drying and waiting for the “Bird Door” to be drilled.

I was going to have the kids paint the houses today but now I think I am going to need to let the Gorrilla glue dry all the way and then try to sand or scrape the excess off.

Today’s SAHM CAMP was the equivalent to the rainy day at camp where everything you packed gets soaked and you don’t like the food they serve at lunch.

Ana’s Plans were great. The glue sucked.

I would do this project again in a heart beat AFTER buying the correct glue.

Tomorrow we will paint the house and that will be fun. Tomorrow will be a good day at SAHM CAMP.


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