Yesterday was a bit of a bust but we rallied today. We finished up yesterdays bird houses this morning by painting them. I decided not to sand or scrape off the glue mostly because the kids were anxious to paint and somewhat because I really didn’t want to deal with it. I just hope we don’t have a sea of dead birds in the backyard because they were pecking at the puffy glue. Gross. I should have sanded…. Surprise surprise. Elise chose pink and pink as her paint colors. Patrick went for the two toned light and dark green effect even though he is a little concerned that the tree house will be camouflaged in the leaves of a tree.  He stuck to his design choice and went for it. Michael went with red for one side, yellow for the other and then mixed the two color together for an orange middle. Overall Michael was more interested in what color he could get the rinsing water than he was house painting. Above you can see step one of Elise’s pink washed paint technique: submerge paint brush into water. Then you put it dripping wet into the paint tray and smear it around. Paint house methodically making sure all brown is gone and only pink remains. Patrick was probably the most patient, surprisingly enough. He complained about it taking forever but he kept at it until it was finished to his standards. This is a total 180 from where he was a few months ago and I hope this is a small glimpse of what is to come. The blue is an “M” on the back of Michael’s house. Spatial planning isn’t his strong-suit. This was a fun and quick project. It didn’t make near the mess I thought it would. The old vinyl table cloth we use as a drop cloth helped contain the mess not only by keeping the paint off the garage floor but by creating a visible work zone.

Tim quick drilled the holes when he got home. The photos didn’t turn out well because it is 86 degrees and we are anticipating a big thunderstorm. The second I stepped into the garage the humidity fogged over my lens.



Tomorrow we figure out where we will put them.

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