Gone Camping.

We finished out our week of SAHM CAMP by packing up the tent that hasn’t been slept in for 6 years, digging out the air mattress, pillow beds, and sleeping bags, filling a cooler with beer, lemonade, hotdogs, and chocolate bars, and grabbing our swimsuits to head 20 minutes away to Lake Elmo to camp for the night. We would have camped both Friday and Saturday but I couldn’t find a dog sitter, so having to drive back and forth to let Lucy out was a bit tedious. The tediousness of driving back and forth really took the back seat to the guilt that kept me up at night wondering how Lucy was doing home alone in the house for the first time. Tim thought I was crazy to worry because “she is just a dog” and I thought I was crazy for not trying to sneak our 80lb mutt into the camp ground after the 10pm camp ground quiet hours began. I don’t think I would have gotten away with it. The “camp hosts”, while friendly, ran a tight ship.

The tent was a novelty to them and they loved every minute of it. I don’t know how many times they went in and out of the tent before Tim started enforcing and ‘in the tent’ or ‘out of the tent’ rule.

The kids finished up the pages in their journals while we were camping. I am so glad they kept up with it. It is fun to look back through the pages and see what activity or thing stuck out to them and made their days special.

Tim and I went back and forth from “Why are we doing this” when the temps reached the high 80s and we were all covered in sand from the swim beach to “I am so glad we did this!” when the kids were content and we were sipping on beers.

This is Tim trying to explain the logic of “when you don’t stand close enough to the fire, your hot dog won’t cook”. The kids had a healthy fear of the fire that was quite frustrating come roasting time.

It was especially frustrating when the princess insisted on”I do it myself!” but she refused to walk close enough to the fire to actually cook the hotdog.

We headed to the amphitheater after a dinner of dogs and chips and guac to watch the camp fire program.

We were there very early because we were not paying attention to the time and didn’t have a watch or phone on us because camping is awesome and no matter what Tim argues, unplugging is therapeutic.

There was a huge tree with acorns falling from it behind the seating area. The kids happily played there for what seemed like 45 minutes just checking out the fallen acorns.

I seized the opportunity to practice my macro photography. Getting better, eh?

Dave from Como Zoo, the man who gave the talk, chatted with the kids a bit before the show started. He drew acorn men on their fingers and showed them how to use the top of the acorn as a hat.

That night’s talk was themed “What goes bump in the night.” He was SO go at what he did. He had the kids and adults full attention and kept us all engaged the whole time.

Here they are pretending to be hedgehogs.

Much to Elise’s delight, Dave brought a hedgehog. Afterward when she was getting a closer look at the animals she told me “I have a hedgehog on my blanket!” She does in fact have hedgehogs on her blanket that Beth made her, and now she loves both hedgehogs and that blanket even more.

Dave also brought a scorpion (Patrick’s favorite), a snake (not my favorite) and a tarantula (Michael’s favorite).

After, we headed back to camp for s’mores before bed.

After the 100th trip to the bathroom, some teeth brushing and hand washing we were ready to do what Patrick had been anticipating all day long. This is what he was looking forward to the most.

Ghost stories in the tent.

Ghost stories complete with shadow puppets.

He was so into it, and Tim and I were amazed that his stories had a beginning, middle and end. His imagination knows no bounds. I hope it stays like that for a very, very long time

It was hot. So very hot and Tim and I were greatly missing our ceiling fan but other than that we all slept well and the night went smoothly.

We were all woken up the next morning just before 6am to Elise’s exciting proclamation. “IT ISN”T DARK ANYMORE! IT IS GOOD MORNING TIME!”

The kids wrote/drew in their journals one last time while Tim and I packed up camp and we were headed home by 7:30am. Dog owner guilt made me cut playground time at the campground short even though a group of kids were already playing tag post their morning pee and teeth brushing.

Lucy survived and so did we. Camping was fun and we will totally do it again next year if we can find a dog sitter or a campground that allows dogs. 

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7 thoughts on “Gone Camping.

  1. Megan Post author

    Steve- I think we will be joining the Shannon crew next summer as long as scheduling works out. Tim and I actually talked about that a lot while camping and were brainstorming the best way to get there and whether or not to break up the drive. 🙂
    Christine- Tim has turned into quite the t-shirt guy. It seems like the only gift I can get him that really gets him excited is a new geeky shirt 😉

  2. Tim

    Yeah, Steve, definitely. This one night camping trip was more of a trial run 20 minutes from home to see how the kids would do.

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