So many I can’t choose!

Michael’s First Day of First Grade.

When Tim asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up Michael thought for a long time and then with an excited look in his eyes Michael answered, “So many things I can’t choose!”

(notice he is on his tip toes – a sure sign he is excited!)

I am proud of his answer. Michael isn’t always the easiest kid to raise but he is so bright and his future is even brighter.

Have a great first day of school kiddo. I am drinking coffee and praying for your teachers as I post these photos. You are a handful and then some, but as my best friend often reminds me when I share stories about you with her, “At least he will never be a boring kid!”

(starting the school year with missing two front teeth)

She is right. You will never be boring and the sky is the limit… as soon as you learn to tie your shoes anyway!

Patrick has assessments today and starts Kindergarten on Thursday. Elise has Preschool open house on Thursday and starts school next Monday.


Preschool 2010

Preschool 2011

Kindergarten 2012

First Grade 2013

4 thoughts on “So many I can’t choose!

  1. Tim

    Wow. I did not realize how big he’s gotten in the past year.

    Good luck buddy.

    First shoe laces…
    Next programming.

  2. Beth

    I am still in shock that you sent him off to first grade today! I can’t even imagine how you and Tim are feeling!! So proud of him and can not believe how much he has changed even from last year!!

  3. Nama

    Wow – First Grade! It seems like yesterday we were meeting you in the Bismarck Hospital! You have become a wonderful young man. Have fun at school and be patient with the teachers as they try to challenge you! (tieing shoes isn’t critical – cowboy boots don’t have laces!)

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