Happy Tears

I thought dropping off the kids at school was the tough part but I was wrong.

In complete honesty, I must say that I did not miss the boys one bit today while they were at school. It was a busy day consisting of a well check at the doc for Elise and 2 different drop offs at school and Patrick’s orientation. There wasn’t a whole lot of time to miss them, but even if there has been an hour, or a few hours of free time, I still don’t think I would have missed them.

But then it was pick up time.

I waited for them at the designated spot that we have talked about and practiced meeting at. Waiting for them wasn’t anything more than keeping Elise from running into traffic and telling her not to lift up her skirt to show everyone the sparkly Band-Aid she got after her immunization shot.

It was the moment I saw Patrick walk out the door single file with his classmates. That is when my eyes welled up with tears. There was a wonderful few moments where I could see him before he could see me. He was craning his neck, scanning the faces of all the parents looking for me. I was overwhelmed. I am a mom. I am that boy’s mom. As soon as he saw me, his face lit up with recognition and he broke formation at a full-on run. He was the first to jump out of line and moments after other children followed his lead running for their own parents who I am sure were cherishing the moment too.

I knelt down, opened my arms and he flew into them. I wasn’t even able to ask the question before he had the answer, “I HAD A GREAT DAY!”

He stayed close and, I can’t be certain, but I am assuming since he didn’t turn blue that he managed to take a few quick breaths while he talked a mile a minute telling me all about his day.

It was Patrick who saw Michael first. When Michael picked us out of the crowd he ran at the same lightening speed (with slightly less coordination) towards us. I was greeted with a smashing hug that nearly knocked me over. Anyone who has ever had a hug from Michael knows that it is a special thing. He doesn’t hand those out like candy at a parade. His hugs are special. They don’t last long but they always emotionally and sometimes literally pack a punch.

His first words were directed towards Patrick, “Did you hear my name on the announcements? I won a prize!” Patrick didn’t reply maybe because he has learned that many of Michael’s questions are rhetorical and even if they are not, he often doesn’t leave a big enough gap in his monologue to give you a chance to answer. Not a lot of dialogue happening in Michael’s world.

When Patrick didn’t answer, Michael looked at him and something flashed across his face and he asked, “How was Ms Stanton? Did you get choice time?” I love that Patrick has the same teacher as Michael did last year and this is one of the top reasons. I love even more that Michael has grown and matured into a boy who remembers to ask his brother about his day.

Elise and I didn’t say much else as I ushered the boys out of the way so other parents could claim their kids and vice versa. We loaded into the car (I had errands to run so no Walk to School movement for us this afternoon) and they continued taking turns talking about their day.

My cup runneth over. I am so blessed.

The cherry on top? When I asked the boys if they liked the lunch I packed for them they, in perfect synchronization, raised there hands.

One thought on “Happy Tears

  1. Nama

    I just can’t believe Patrick is in Kindergarten! Best of Luck PJ – your charm will win the hearts of your teachers and friends! Have fun and if you have time you can work on those pesky numbers, letters and coloring.

    I cried when I read the post – I remember my total “melt down” cry when I took you girls to kindergarten! Being a mom gives lots of opportunities for “happy tears”.

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